Friday, May 24, 2013

Creative Creations...

Oh boy, I've been rather busy sewing the last few days!

Click! to enlarge...
Last night I started this fully lined children's apron for use at Little Bit. Sometimes after the actual riding lesson, the rider comes back to the tacking area to help brush the horse and then you need to wear an apron to hold your little brushes of course!

The grey and white chevron is a kind of recycled fabric/ paper? Very easy to sew with and pretty sturdy. (and cheap!) I found it at Joann Fabrics for $2.99 the yard and I also bought a light-blue with white polka-dotted version in the same material.
All the seams have been extra reinforced for the heavy wear and tear in the barn and the over-your-head strap can be readjusted to fit practically anyone...

Out of that same grey chevron I made two zippered pouches. One for Miss M. (the simpler one) and the other one for a friend of hers who had her 16th birthday party last week. (they had lessons on a trapeze, how cool is that?!)

And then yesterday I finished a fun and easy-to-sew skirt out of some vintage fabric. Super comfy, but I must admit it does feel a bit like wearing a sack...  <wink>

In the mean time, Master C. is busy shadowing several business men (yesterday at Microsoft, today at Eddie Bauer) for his senior project. Miss M. is starting her first job as a dishwasher at a local recently opened cafe in our own little town: she is so excited!  {smile}

We will also be having a long weekend for Memorial Day and all I can say is: Bring It On!!!  {smile}

PS  The baby I was sewing those fun pouches, containers, and pants for was born two nights ago. I made her a little card:


  1. Very creative!
    And I really love your magic balls, what pictures you made! Absolutely amazing!

  2. I adore that skirt! What talent!

  3. I always love your makes Marjan - you have such an eye!
    And your daughter is an 'underwater ceramic technician'... surely?!
    have a fantastic weekend
    fee xx

  4. I adore your skirt and the mom of that new baby girl is going to be so thrilled with that lovely gift......Jeremy will be getting a job this summer also but first he's going on a hike with his friends today up in the mountains and with all the bears coming out of there dens....phew, i'm a little nervous! Enjoy your long weekend too! Heidi


How wonderful to hear from you!

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