Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Everything seems to be glowing at the moment, basking in the sunshine. The forecast is absolutely tremendous with expected temperatures rising to 80F / 28C this weekend!

I must say that after all the 'larger than usual' events lately (son deciding on college, daughter turning 16 and a new King in our country (the last not as large as the other two obviously, but it was still a large event)) I can do with some warmth: I'm feeling a bit lost in it all. Our lives are changing and that is how it should be, but this fast???

I am very grateful about the path we've taken so far and am looking forward to the path we will take in the future, but I need some time to put it all in in the right spot so to speak...


  1. My lilacs have only really just come into leaf, a few weeks later this year because of the cold! Your starting a new chapter now, you will adapt it just takes time that's all! :) x

  2. Nog gefeliciteerd met dochter!
    En geniet maar even lekker van het warme weer!


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