Thursday, May 16, 2013

Town & Country...

The day ended with this...

And started with this...

Click! to enlarge...

A Dutch friend of mine (I met her at Little Bit) recently moved to downtown Seattle and she invited me for a day out in the city.  Above you see her views from the West facing balcony of her 21st floor apartment. On the pictures it is not that impressive but believe you me, it was!

We had a lovely walk down Pike Street, walked around Pike Place Market, visited her hairdresser (where she bought a very fun ring for me and the same one for herself as well), looked around in the Dr. Martens shop and slowly we made it back up the hills again. It was all very wonderful, but to be honest, I was very happy to see all the greenery of the Valley and my back yard again...


  1. haha, zo denk ik er ook over...leuk voor visite, maar geef mij maar rust en ruimte. ( zou het de leeftijd zijn? ik vond het vroeger altijd leuk in Utrecht te wonen...)

  2. Personally, I'm not especially fond of big cities, but it is impressive, I admit!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Haha, ja hoor, dat heb ik ook....
    Ik kan de stad ook heerlijk vinden, maar ben altijd weer blij dat ik thuiskom in ons rustige durp.

  4. What a wonderful invitation, to spend the day in my favorite city.......I bet you had a blast! Heidi

  5. How lovely...I do like the end to your day though.

    Nina x


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