G & T Time...

I haven't had the chance yet to show you what my lovely Mr. G. has made (yes, by hand and from scratch) during his time at home: these most excellent (and very comfortable) chairs and benches! 

He found the plans for the chairs online, but the benches we found at a friend's house. We simply took one home, made a template and Mr. G. built them, how marvelous is that? {smile}
He used cedar wood and just clear coated it. I find them a bit too yellow, but Mr. G. loves them this way and since he made them he got to choose the finish.  <wink>

As you can see they are perfect for a late afternoon sit-down with my Kindle (reading all of James Herriot's books again!) and a Gin & Tonic in my favorite Ball jar. In fact the G&T tasted so good that I had another one and then decided on doing some cooking: mistake!!! While slicing an onion I cut into two fingers!!!

I did manage to take some pretty pics though, and this was of course before I cut into my fingers. Enjoy!


  1. Very nice chairs, what a clever husband you have!
    A G&T there in the sun and with a good book, what more can you demand!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Knap van je husband! En je ball-pot vind ik ook supermooi!
    Hopelijk vallen de verwondingen mee, beterschap ermee!

  3. they are wonderful It looks like were going to have nice weather.....

  4. What a delightful way to cut your finger though! Looks like an idyllic afternoon.


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