Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sipsey's Folly...

Well, last weekend I finished my Sipsey's Folly yoke sweater! My first knitted sweater ever! I loved the process (most of the time) and so didn't mind that it almost took two months to complete. As I have been saying: I'm taking my time and that was true for this project also...

I loved the yarn (cheap 70% acrylic and 30% nylon yarn from Patons (Beehive Baby Sport) at Joann's) and I especially loved my own designed color-work in the yoke! I found different patterns online and managed to combine them so that they would fit within the class pattern dimensions. I call the bigger, darker part of the pattern the "Flaming Trees"!

The only thing that I am not too happy with is the actual fit! Just look at this long elongated yoke going all the way up the neck, weird right? It looks better on, but there is an area in the front where it wrinkles a bit. Also the armpits are too low and a bit wide. The extra yarn in the color-work makes that yoke part almost feel like having a shrug around your shoulders. Not great but awesome for a first try!  <wink>

I am now planning either a top-down cardigan or a sweater with raglan sleeves and then want to add some lace and/or cable patterns. I'm busy doing some brainstorming, getting lots of info online. It is making my head spin!  {smile}

Not much other news to report. Our lovely Miss M. will be taking a plane down to Los Angeles this weekend to start her (school-led) college tour in California! Master C. did this tour also two years ago, but how did we get to this point so fast?

Miss M.


  1. Ziet er wel fantastisch uit zeg!

  2. Wow, ik vind hem echt prachtig geworden, wat knap Marjan!! Jammer dat de pasvorm nog niet helemaal top is.. er zit niks anders op dan er nog eentje breien ;)! En tijd vliegt, we weten het wel, maar het kan je soms toch ineens overvallen... Groetjes!!

  3. Brilliant knitting there, hope your daughter enjoys herself....yes we blink and the years have flown by! :) x

  4. M
    your knitting prowess never fails to leave me speechless!
    Miss M is a beauty...
    Bestest wishes to you today
    D x

  5. Wat een prachtig breiwerk, respect hoor! Breien gaat mij echt niet lukken.
    Maar wat jammer dat de pasvorm niet helemaal goed is. Succes met je volgende breiproject.
    En wat een prachtige dochter!

  6. That is a lovely sweater! Nice design and really like those colors.


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