Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hints of Color...

You might have noticed (or not) but my blog postings are becoming fewer and fewer with more time in between. The last four months or so I have just not been feeling myself. I'm blaming it on changing hormones since I am starting to enter that stage of life. 

It is a crappy feeling, let me tell ya. If I have to sum it up, it feels like all life's color has been draining away: I just don't 'see' things anymore, you know, creatively.  Not much fun. I am taking my time finding my new self and to aid me in that I've also started taking a natural supplement called SAM-e. Does anybody have any experience with it? (or any other suggestions)

Anyway, this altered state doesn't mean I haven't been making things. I'm still knitting away on my yoke sweater and the end is coming in sight. I'm already eyeing my next knitting project...

I've also transformed the office into a sewing room with a proper (heightened) cutting table. Quite nice I must admit. The biggest effort came from my wonderful husband who, after yet another hormone induce outburst from my side, diligently emptied all the bookshelves and then moved them out to the garage so that I could have a new working area in the office. Pictures will follow later...

Just writing all this down has been hard, this whole journey has been hard. I was happy to go out in the yard the other day and actually 'see' some beauty and color again. I'll leave you with these tiny impressions of color and life...

"Still taking my time..."


  1. Oh hormones:-( I'm not at that stage yet, still trying to get used to monthly ones! It seems that rage has taken over from the debilitating pains that I used to get, and I'm trying hard to manage my angry hormones. I suppose in a way I am lucky in that things are regular and painless and I can at least predict and understand certain feelings more. I hope things even out for you soon and that your essence comes back to you. Meanwhile, they certainly are lovely details of life.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good. It's a strange feeling, when you don't really recognice yourself.
    Some women suffer more than others of this period in life, but it will pass!
    I hope that your hormon-medicine will help you!
    Kramar, Monica

  3. Beautiful pictures as usual! Speaking from the same place you are right now, it isn't easy. I recommend tucking in, giving yourself some space, and pampering of yourself a bit, You Deserve It! (p.s. I've heard good things about the SAM-e, sounds like a good idea)

  4. I have noticed that your posts were less frequent and I was wondering if everything was okay. So sorry to hear what you're struggling with. I certainly hope that the supplement works. Hormones are powerful things!
    And ps - that fair isle looks gorgeous!

  5. Ai, inderdaad ook goed informatie zoeken hierover. Het helpt vast ook wel wanneer het weer voorjaar wordt denk ik. Ondertussen ben je gewoon een heel ingewikkeld uitziende trui aan het breien...wow!

  6. Welcome to the club! Ik slik nu Primosa en Medipace-iso (voedingssupplementen) en die lijken aan te slaan...keeping fingers crossed.
    Ik weet hoe je je voelt en het is niet makkelijk. Het is voor mij weer alsof ik in de pubertijd zit: boze buien, jank buien en dan ineens weer 'normaal'. Met 3 puberende jongens in huis en een man die ouder en gezapiger wordt, is er genoeg brandstof voor grote en kleine ergernissen en je volledig onbegrepen voelen (keer 5 dus ;-) )

    Ik hoop dat de voedingssupplementen je zullen helpen, zodat het iets dragelijker wordt. Sterkte en een dikke knuffel van je mede-meno xxx

  7. Marjan wat een open en eerlijk blogberichtje...het wordt beter en gaat voorbij. Maar als je er middenin zit is dat uitzicht vaak heel ver weg... Sterkte ermee!

  8. hi allemaal en natuurlijk ten eerste Marjan! Wat een moed om dat allemaal zo -mooi en eerlijk- in je blog te delen! En dan blijkt dat je niet alleen bent, niet de enige die hiermee worstelt. Dat is toch fijn om te weten. Ik heb ook last van bepaalde dingen die met deze fase van ons leven te maken hebben, hoewel nog niet de moods, maar zeker de fatigue. En flashes. Ik heb al eens rondgeneusd naar supplements want aan de hormonen ga ik dus niet (zeg ik nu). Ben benieuwd of het je wat helpt. Sterkte ermee. En veel plezier met je nieuwe werk kamer!


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