Sunday, March 2, 2014

O, O, Orlando!

We returned last night (after an almost 14 hour day of travel) from a 4-night stay in Orlando, Florida. Mr. G. had to go there for the annual education conference (NAIS) and he had asked me to come along!  {smile} Of course we had booked this trip sometime in November, hoping for clear and sunny skies, but 'ack & alas', it was not to be.  Here a little sequence of views from our hotel room...

Clouds, storm and finally the long awaited sunny skies...
(click! to enlarge)
Temperatures were in the 50's and 60's those first two days and the first day quite a storm came flying through. Good thing we had packed our rain coats and fleeces after all... {no smiling here}

What a difference a day makes...
But despite the disappointing weather we still had a great time over at the Disney Resort Dolphin  & Swan Hotel. Just look at this marvelous set-up!

Dolphin Hotel
Part of the adjacent Swan Hotel
While Mr. G. was working I walked (and ran!) around the resort several times. I brought a book and spent several hours over those three days on one of the artificial beaches: wonderful!

Swan Hotel in the background...

View from my reading and sunbathing spot...

In between I also did some knitting and otherwise I just wondered around, enjoying all the sights and smells of a warmer climate...

Oh those Palm Trees...

Our return to the Pacific Northwest has been rather harsh with wet snow and the cloud deck down to our noses, but at least we have our memories. (and even some sunburned bits like the tips of my ears!)  <wink>


  1. Ziet er toch wel fijn uit!

  2. Kwijl.. ondanks storm en regen..!! Wat een prachtige foto's weer, echt genieten! Leuk om met je mee te mogen 'reizen' ;0)!

  3. What a journey you made, from the north to the south, from the east to the west! Several miles...
    Kram, Monica

  4. Wonderful pictures.
    Especially the one with the palm trees seen from beneath!

    En ook die zwart-witte met de twee strandstoeltjes, lijkt zo van een prentkaart te komen.

    De foto's tonen een schitterende omgeving, storm of geen storm.



  5. Oh my are blessed! Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I adore your images...just like postcards. Sending you ooodles of love and welcome home to the Rain/snow. xoxo

  6. Oh, this looks absolutely marvellous! And I like your readingspot a lot! And the hotels, they look very interesting. Smart idea of your husband to bring you, too! Of course!


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