Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

At Blaine border crossing with Canada...

Why yes, my old self made an appearance last week Thursday and it was so nice to realize that she hasn't disappeared from the map altogether. 

I had a wonderful day knitting and sewing while listening to David Sylvian and other like-sounding artists on Pandora. Then a good friend came over and we had some creative time going on, but also some good chatting time. That chatting time just felt like a soothing medicine...

Knitting circle. My chair was the empty green one on the left.
The fire was burning strong...

And then that evening I visited the knitting circle at Tolt Yarn & Wool where we were graced by the company of two well known knitters in the form of  Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond. They were in town for the Vogue Knitting Live event (why oh why didn't I go to that???) They were there to present their latest book and knitting patterns line called 'Journey'

Lovely stuff.  Very simple but elegant and wearable patterns... I mainly came to the knitting circle for some chatting but also to show off my yoke sweater:

Not very elegantly draped here on my chair...
Yoke close-up...

There was lots of ooohing & aaahing which is always good for the soul... {smile}  And a little bit (a lot!) of eye candy in the store of course. Veronika's  first colorway of hand dyed yarn has come out and it looks just beautiful!

Yarn On The House
And other eye candy...

All in all it was a wonderful day. I felt inspired again and I had not felt like that for a looong time... I bought a copy of the PomPom Quarterly magazine because I actually liked all the patterns in there! Inspiration for after my next Craftsy class, which is already lined up...  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

So the day after all that goodness we as a family had to take a road trip to Vancouver B.C. (i.e. Canada), because the kids' Dutch passports needed to be renewed. We could only go that week since Master C. was home for Spring Break. (Yay!) 

It was a fairly pleasant drive North and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to get there, including the border crossing and the crazy down town traffic. The lady at the consulate was extremely nice (not always the case unfortunately in Dutch consulates) and all the paperwork (and the passport photos!) were excepted.  We had a nice lunch (it feels so European in Vancouver!) and then drove all the way back home again.

On Sunday Master C. took the Greyhound bus back again to Spokane, WA for his last part of his first year of university life already. How time flies... It was wonderful to have him home again and to see how he is developing his own self!

Master C.


  1. Yes! Fijn dat het weer beter gaat en wat een leuke foto van C. Ongelooflijk dat je al zo'n trui kan breien!!
    Very impressive!

  2. I am in awe!! of the knitting circle, your sweater, master C....good to hear your old self is making appearances!

  3. How handsome is master c...you must be bursting with pride and sad that he has gone again, bittersweet eh?
    love that knitting group photo...sadly knitting eludes me...
    bestest as ever to you Marjan
    D xxxxxx

  4. Thought I would throw in my share of oooohing and ahhhing for that beautiful sweater! The weather is much improving in bits a spurts (literally!) So will our spirits!

  5. Your knitting circle looks so gorgeous! Warm, cozy, inviting and a lovely group of women to chat to. Sounds perfect.....So great you met Jane Richmond. I've just made her "Marian" cowl and I agree, her patterns are all very lovely and wearable. Your sweater is amazing! I love the colours. I'm still yet to try fair isle, looks very tricky. Nice to see a photo of your handsome boy too :-) Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Mel x


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