Sunday, March 23, 2014

Knitters' Crush...

A few days ago, Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir,   better known as Ragga was in town. Not only in Seattle but actually in my own town! 

Ragga came to visit Tolt Yarn & Wool  to teach a class which unfortunately I could not attend. (click on link for some fun photo's of the event) 
I did have to drop something off at the shop however and managed to time it just right so that we both arrived at the same time!

I took a chance and spoke to her in Swedish and what do you know, she answered me right back! In fact we had a whole conversation in Swedish! It felt like meeting a rock star in real life...

She also happens to be teaching a class on Craftsy for which I have signed on as well. Her sweaters so inspired the design on my own yoke sweater and it will be so much fun to be taught by 'her majesty' herself....  <wink> That will have to wait until a bit later though. Her sweaters are more for the fall and winter and I now want to knit something for lighter weather...

Ragga and Anna (owner of Tolt Yarn & Wool) also made it into the Seattle Times this week with a fun picture of Ragga explaining the 'steeking' method. (Where you cut right through all that you've knitted to make a cardigan! How scary is that?)

Anyway, I was all inspired!  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

So Spring happened this week! I managed to take a few pics in the yard and everything is truly taking of now, how wonderful!

Today I'm planning to clear out the whole patio and then to spray it down with the power washer! {smile} It might still be a teeny bit early to start planting (this last week we woke up every morning with temperatures around freezing...) but soon, very soon!


  1. Leuk hoor! Toch fijn dat Tolt zo dichtbij is! (en de lente ook...)

  2. Had, om heel eerlijk te zijn, nog nooit van haar gehoord ;) Maar wat superleuk om een echte brei-ster te ontmoeten! En je foto's zijn weer prachtig, vooral die onderste.. W*O*W!!

  3. I love spring, it's the best! With all the light and colors :)
    Hug Sandra


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