Friday, March 15, 2013

On A Roll...

Yes indeed, another top is just about done!

Spending this much time at home (the first round of antibiotics didn't work, I am now waiting for the second (and stronger) round to arrive) has been very good for my productivity.
For this blouse I just have to put in a hem and bind the sleeve openings and then I have (already cut out of the same fabric) another blouse ready to get started on! The fabric is very lightweight and a bit sheer which will be perfect for warmer temperatures. 

All this in anticipation of Spring to arrive, whenever that may happen... (it will happen right?)

In the mean time, Master C. is down in Los Angeles with his Jazz Band from school. They are recording in the Disney Studios (!) and they will perform a few times as well. In between all that they are doing this:

Have a great weekend everyone!      (Master C. has already started...)


  1. Leuk hoor jouw nieuwe voorjaars collectie!

  2. Replies
    1. Beetje lastig om mee te naaien (erg dun) maar wel fijne resultaten! ;-)

  3. Another fantastic top, you're on a roll there! :) x

  4. Oh blimey - get well soon. I hope the anti b's do the trick.

    Another gorgeous top and the fabric is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  5. Very cute indeed, whole heartedly approve of the rick rack on such sweet fabric. Looks lovely, roll on spring!

    1. Hey there Winnie! Thank you for your quick reply! So much fun all these notions... :-)

  6. wow! Your stuff just gets better and better!

  7. Wow this fabric and ric rac and lace all together oh my, a perfect top!


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