Friday, March 29, 2013


Even though we do not celebrate Easter, I could not resist making a small reference to it... (see left)

In The States they don't observe Good Friday (i.e. you do not get a day off of work), nor is there a long weekend or something like that. Some people do have their Spring Break around this time, ours is not until a week for now.

We have been invited to a lovely Easter Brunch however this Sunday at my Dutch aunt and uncle's home, not too far from here. Apparently we will be meeting a second or third removed cousin from my grandmother's side! Too complicated to explain, I'm not sure I even get it myself... Should be fun and interesting to hear her story!

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So yesterday pretty much our whole day was very overcast, but then right at the end of the day the sun came out and the light was just perfect. There were some thunderstorms in the far distance, that's why the sky in the background was such a dark grey: beautiful! (all these pictures are straight out of the camera, so no editing involved)

I snapped lots of pics and here are the prettiest ones. Enjoy and I hope you will have a wonderful weekend with hopefully some Signs of Spring here and there...

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  1. Magnolia blooming already!? Here it will take another month, I think...
    Have a nice Easter even if you're not celebrating!
    Kram, Monica


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