Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Spring In My Step...

Oh, this weekend was just gorgeous! The weather was so mild, a spring was seen in everybody's step.

Yes, there was some rain (quite a bit in fact) late yesterday afternoon and early this morning it was super cloudy, but then glimpses of blue skies and sunshine started poking through and before we knew it, Spring was here!  {smile}

We bought some new light fixtures for the master bathroom which then (of course) lead to me painting the whole bathroom in a new color. (pictures will come later)

I ran 3.3 miles in the sunshine this morning without stopping once! This hasn't happened in months so I was very happy with those results. 

I even enjoyed a couple of glasses of white wine (always a sign of nicer weather) so all in all a wonderful weekend...

--  **  --  **  --

Miss M. spent this weekend in San Francisco to support her friend who was participating in the 'Escape from Alcatraz- triathlon'! 

Photo from the net...

This triathlon consists of a 1.5 mile (2,4 km) (jumping of a boat very close to Alcatraz!) swim, an 18 mile (29 km) bike ride and then, to top it all off, an 8 mile (13 km) run over very tough terrain. (beach, dunes and hills) I'm waiting for her to return home so that I can share some of her pictures. It was very intense to watch the scores as they appeared on-line, let me tell ya!  <wink>


  1. Sounds like you've had the best weekend! :) x

  2. Leuk dat je laatst langs kwam op m'n blog! En nu jouw blog, wat is het hier mooi geworden. Gefeliciteerd met je hardlopen. Fijn, he, als je weer 'on track' bent?!
    Dan volgend jaar zelf die triathlon ondernemen? Samen met Miss M? ;-)

  3. Wonderful spring-pictures! The first one i have in my garden too, I think...
    It's called hybridkejsarolvon i Swedish...
    What an exciting competition, the tri-atlon, it must be extremely strenuous!
    Have a good springday, kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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