Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend At Last...

I just love these Cone Flowers. (Echinacea) Just look at them!

Yesterday it was so hot! Too hot even to sit in my lounge chair outside for too long a time, so I decided to take a little stroll through the yard. Even though most plants are on their last legs by now, there is still a lot of color and interest around.

Quite a few interesting critters about also!

This was a big bugger!
I'm suspecting a nest in the wet area underneath this log...

Running update: today I ran 4 minutes in a row (woot woot) and after I had caught my breath I ran another 2. Once I made it home after about 30 minutes or so, I spent another 30 minutes on the wii-fit doing some yoga and some balance exercises. Those are good for the cool down as well. Today I spent three hours at Little Bit right after all that exercising and I have to tell you: I'm pooped! 

My ankle (the one that I broke three years ago) started playing up again on all that uneven footing, so now I'm going to enjoy some more sunshine in the backyard with my leg up, and a bit later on I think I will open a nice cool brewsky. Hoorray for the weekend!  {smile}


  1. A leg up and brewski- that's my kind of exercise!

  2. your photos just get better and better! I don't think I could run for one see I have these 2 friends that I have to take everywhere with me!!!! happy rest of weekend
    fee x

  3. wow, I'm so in awe with your running and exercising! And the beautiful pictures of course.


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