Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hazy Days...

The brief burst of rain and lightning from last weekend sparked a lot of wildfires on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. This morning the wind was coming from that direction and it brought with it lots of haze and smoke from those fires.

The fires are threatening quite a few structures and lots of people have had to evacuate, not to mention all the animals that live in that rural area. Very bad situation indeed... (all this is many, many miles away from us so don't worry!)

Pretty colors early this morning though for us:

I added a bit of an orange glow to the pictures,
but most of it was already there naturally...

I think the wind is turning again so that is better for us, but Miss M. will be driving that way (Grand Coulee Dam) this weekend to cheer for her friend who will be running half an 'Ironman'! That is some crazy running, swimming and bicycling race, worse than a triathlon. Can't be good with all this super bad air in that area...


  1. Wildfires are really scaring! Let's hope for a rain, that will put the fire out!
    Have a nice weekend, kram, Monica

  2. The world is doing strange things at the moment. We have a fire threat here too at the moment in the opposite season on the opposite side of the globe!

  3. Beautiful pics.. and love your profile pic, so glamorous xxxxxxx

  4. I love your profile picture too...tres chic! happy weekend...hope those fires stay well away, fee x


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