Friday, September 7, 2012

Couch Potato...

New shoes and spandex: off I go!
A few days ago I came across a Face Book post by a fellow blogger friend of mine (Stardustshoes) who was starting the 'from couch to 5k' training plan.  Lots of people were getting excited so I thought I'd have a look at it. Since I had just bought new running shoes last weekend I did even better and have actually started with the plan!!!

I just finished my second day of running (so I'm on day 3) and I'm feeling pretty darn good! Today I ran three times during my 30 minute walk. (2 mins, 1 1/2 min and 1 min) In between I needed to catch my breath because boy, my lungs were hurting!

I know that a two minute run doesn't sound like much, but I have never been able to run. Three years ago I really tried my hardest to get fit. Went to the gym three times a week, hired a personal trainer etc. I did get a bit trimmer and definitely fitter, but I didn't see much result (yes, I did actually want to see something change after all that effort!) and I still couldn't run for the life of me! Very frustrating I can tell you. 

And then I broke my ankle (missed the last step of the stairs) and all fitness plans went out the window and have stayed there until a few days ago. I really don't enjoy exercise of any kind and will not have any crazy plans now either, but a bit more fitness in my life can only be good right?
Little Bit will start up again next week and that always a lot of walking and hauling etc so that will help as well...

At least all this walking and running gives me a nice high afterwards so now I'm off and will go and finish that skirt that I started last week! Toodles!

This is where I do the running part of the program.
Not many people around as you can see (and no bears for now!),
just the way I like it...  <wink>


  1. Goed bezig! Ik loop inmiddels 40 minuten achter elkaar en kon in maart ook maar net 2 minuten!

    1. Wow, dat geeft pas inspiratie! (maarre, hoe lang duurde dat?) ;-)
      By the way, heb je al iets van ons ma gehoord?

    2. Ik kon 30 minuten na 10 weken...(3 keer per week lopen) opbouwschema heb ik toen in je dropbox gedaan.
      Ik heb niks gehoord maar er is daar ook nauwelijks internetverbinding mogelijk.

    3. Volgens mij was dat een app die je naar mij stuurde en aangezien ik geen smart phone heb kon ik daar niets mee...

  2. woo hooo! look at you girl!!! i've gotta get some shoes too. half the fun is looking good, right!?

    1. That's right! I got mine at Jock 'n Jill's at Green Lake in Seattle, but the running store in Redmond is very good too!

  3. good on yer lady
    goodness knows i should follow your lead
    but not so easy as an exercise lapse of 34 years!
    happy moving around fast/getting sweaty x...


  4. Good luck! I keep on just walking...
    Kram, Monica

  5. Hats off to you.! My friend , Anna, has been doing this too. I have to get fit again after all this but have never been a runner. Ironically, too much breast age. I do love swimming and cycling thogh. Thanks for the inspiration! X

    1. Well, we'll see how far this running thing takes me, but at least I'm moving and that's what counts...
      Hats off to you by the way! All that Keeno crap sounded just crappy! :-(

  6. Replies
    1. Haha, I thought breast-age sounded pretty good too! ;-)

  7. I joined boot camp 2 weeks ago.....and I must say its so HARD......I dread going!
    It feels good to start something!

  8. I used to run. Now I do like Monica, I walk. I walk the dog and I climb a little in the mountains around here.

  9. Good for you! I also started running a couple weeks ago because I just wasn't losing the baby weight like I did the first time around and I needed to be able to fit into atleast some of my clothes in time to go back to work. So I took to running VERY short distances but I always told myself it was better than nothing. Now I'm contemplating signing up for a 5K, which is kind of crazy, because I am NOT a runner. In fact, when I told my sister the other day that I just had come back from running she laughed - stopped herself - and then laughed again.


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