Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pioneer Square & Pike Place Market...

Yesterday I got to drive shotgun (i.e. I was sitting in the passenger seat) in this fun little sports car all the way to Seattle and back. I felt like a movie star...  <wink>

My friend Kim had some errands to run at Pioneer Square and invited me along: yes please!  {smile} Here we go...

What a beautiful area with lots of old brick buildings and gorgeous old greenery. (i.e. trees) I also found a clog store but oh boy, those prices were steep: $135... {not smile}

Those blue ones were my favorites!
After we were done with our errands we drove a little bit further and parked right at Pike Place Market. (and saw this truck along the way which reminded me of home of course...)

With the incredibly nice weather we are still experiencing (40 days in a row without any precipitation and  still counting!) it was of course extremely busy, but Kim knew the way and before we knew it we were sitting at a tiny counter among all the touristy crowds and had delicious 'blackened salmon on organic salad plus garlic bread' platters in front of us: Yum!

After all that fun it was time to go home again. Tomorrow I will show you the pics I took along the CowRoad, which was it usual beautiful self with all that sunshine.

Right now I'm going back in the yard and in the sun. We have a long weekend now (Labor Day on Monday) and by golly, I will enjoy it! {smile}



  1. Love the pics and the clogs, it's spring here finally! Time to bare the legs! Finally ;)

  2. oooh, very nice adventures!! Your look is rocking the town, and the town is not bad either!

  3. Dat ziet er weer fijn uit! Ik krijg meteen zin in vakantie!

  4. You LOOK like a moviestar!
    What a nice outing!

  5. You my dear are so darling!!! You do look like a moviestar..... I love these kind of days and Seattle...pure joy when the sun is out. We were down to Seattle last Wed. to take my daughter to the airport...she is off to Amsterdam for 3 mos. that was hard!!! Hugs to you for a great September! xoxoxo

    ps...I really need{? well want} those red shoes....pure joy!

  6. Oh wow - what fab pictures though blimey to the price of those clogs. Love the shades and headscarf look - an absolute must when you're in a soft top.

    Nina x


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