Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finished Dress...

Yay, I finished the dress! Check out all the little features I've added. I'm not completely certain about the buttons in the front but those would be easy to remove. The back buttons are solid black, they just didn't photograph very well... My ultimate favorite parts are the scooped waistline (the area between the black and the grey fabric), the white top-stitching and the red lace hem at the bottom.

All in all this one was really easy to make and I foresee more versions in the future! Especially now that I've found a new (to me) fabric store in Bothell, about 40 minutes north from here.

It is situated in the Country Village shopping area and this is also where I found all the ducks and the giant rooster the other day. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain on the day we were there so I only saw the fabric store and the antique store but that was fabulous already!  {smile}

Now I'm going to start on  a little project for Tif's workshops (one next week and one in May) to help her out with her work overload.  Cheerio!


  1. Wow, impressive dress! Ik vind vooral het kant echt de finishing touch!

  2. wow, wat een mooier jurk en wat een afwerking. Helemaal top. vrolijk pasen overigens! sabeth


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