Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another One?!

OK, I might be done for a bit now. Yes, I made another dress and all in one day even! The original pattern was a fairly short top, but I wanted something with a bit more drape so I added 11 inches to the length.

This one actually fits me better than the mannequin (I couldn't fit it over the top of it since there is no zipper in it) and flows lovely in the wind. It does look a bit like a negligee doesn't it?

It is made (very likely) of a vintage curtain as it is rather polyester-ish, but it will be very comfy for the summer months.

Oh yes, it has ties on the sides that tie to the back which gives it a nice empire-waist look. (think Jane Austen) And I added another lace detail at the bottom: love that stuff!  {smile}

The bottom part of the 'V' in front didn't come out quite right so I might add something to cover that area. Also that decolletage is a bit deep, if you know what I mean...  <wink>

Tonight Master C. will give another performance with 'his' Jazz Band at school so off we go!


  1. Mooi model en het stofje ook. Laat het mooie weer maar komen. Kun je het langs de hals niet met een blauw kantje/bandje gelijk maken.De andere jurk is ook leuk.
    Fijn Koninginneweekend, kram

  2. my favourite yet! you are on fire right now!
    Wish I loved closer...I would commission you to make me a new wardrobe!
    happy weekend
    fee x

  3. Prachtig!! Echt een zomers zonnejurkje, ik zie je al voor me op zo'n zwoele avond... heerlijk!

  4. *WOW* you are definitely on a roll - this one is just as lovely and I'm still a nice way :)

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  5. I love these.....inspired to give up cookies!

  6. Kan jag kommentera på svenska, eller vill du att jag ska göra det på engelska?

    1. Pa svenska passar mig bra. Kul att vill kommentera! :-)


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