Friday, April 20, 2012

Finished Blouse... (yes, another one)

Last week I started sewing  another blouse and yesterday I finished it!  I quite like it but there are some things that I would change for the next time. In no particular order: longer length, smaller collar, smaller overall. I'm wearing it today with a red cardigan (it is still a bit cold outside) on top of skinny jeans. I love the colorful and somewhat vintage looking fabric!  {smile}

So now that I've finished that one I have already started with something new this morning! I'm really trying to get the sizing right this time so I'm taking my time before cutting into the actual fabric.
This is the pattern and I'm making view E, the yellow dress. I will be adding some elements of either piping, lace and ric-rac or all of the above...  <wink> You can see the inspiration dress from Modcloth "Breath of Fresh Prairie"   (click!) below it.

And this is the fabric I will be using. (it looks a little bit more faded and not so intense in real life) It is called 'Deer Valley' by Joel Dewberry.

Wish me luck! Oh and by the way, Happy Weekend everyone!  {smile}

PS: Listening to 'Mirror in the Bathroom' by The English Beat!


  1. Oh gosh - that is so lovely and the fabric fabulous.

    'hello' and happy weekend to you.

    Nina xx

  2. Good luck with your sewing (like you need it...)!
    Have a nice weekend you too!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I love all the details that you added to your blouse and that you're going to be adding to the dress. They really make them something special!

  4. I'm impressed!I know it takes a lot of patience to sew your own're good at it!

  5. Ik vind je superknap, je bloes ziet er uit alsof hij zo uit de winkel komt (= compliment :))!! Vooral het patroon en de stof zijn een geweldige combi!! Fijn weekend!!


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