Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Day On The Town...

That would be Seattle:

Beautiful weather once again. I wore my new dress (the one that I made earlier this week) and we strolled around first the Ballard Market and then the Fremont Market. We drove to the huge Value Village (but didn't buy anything) and then back down the hill to the Fremont Brewery for a pint of wheat beer.

At home I spent some time in the back yard with my feet bare and touching the grass...

Another wonderful day and a great start to our Spring Break!  {smile}


  1. Two days of sunshine here, too!!!

    Looks like you had a fun day in Seattle :~)

  2. Zo nu hebben jullie mooi weer en wij niet....heb je helemaal niets gekocht? Of wel die knoopjes?

  3. It looks lovely! Bare feet in the grass!
    If I had bare feet herer, they would freeze to ice...
    Kram, Monica


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