Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Very tall trees swaying in the wind...
Wow, crazy spring weather over here with an enormous amount of wind, rain and hail, but also some very bright sun breaks. (and quite a few power outages, but not here thank goodness, knock on wood...)

The forecasters say there might even be a tiny amount of snow tomorrow morning! I will believe when I see it of course, especially since we haven't had any snow yet this season... Just in case, I've cut all my Daffodils from the yard and have brought them inside. They looked cute with some marshmallow Peeps...

Playing with the focus point...

Otherwise things are a bit quiet over here so I will leave you with some more feathered friends that came by yesterday...

Well camouflaged!


  1. More snow tomorrow for us too, where's spring?! You take some amazing photos! :) x

  2. Als ik nu naar buiten kijk zie ik sneeuw liggen... Hier dus ook belabberd! Gelukkig probeert de zon ook te schijnen, dus hopelijk verdwijnt de sneeuw...als sneeuw voor de...juist...zon :D

  3. Hoi!
    Het is hier ongeveer hetzelfde weer, maar net als bij jou met ZON. Wat een heerlijke foto's heb je geplaatst! Je vogeltjes...zijn ook zo mooooi....

  4. The bottle must be an old swedish one!!! It says: "Mjölkcentalen"! It was probobly filled with milk some time...
    Kram, Monica

    1. It is one of my favorites Monica. I bought it in Sigtuna! :-)


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