Monday, April 23, 2012

Signs of Spring, Week 8...

Wow, week 8 of the Signs of Spring already! 

I think this weekend we could have called it Signs of Summer, since the weather has been absolutely fabulous!  {smile}  Bright blue skies, a slight breeze and 75 F/ 23 C: yippiya-yayyay!

And some local 'wildlife'...
11 year old Olive

At the bird feeder. The lower bird is a Towhee.

Today is the last day of all this warmth. The rest of the week will be much cooler and wet again but the memories will linger with us for quite some time to come... I hope the nicer weather will be with you all soon as well, if it isn't there already...


  1. No, no summer here, but rather nice and sunny! So I don't complain...
    Your pictures are really summer-like!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Nice! Nice! Nice! Signs of summer, really. Beautiful and the magnolia is fabolous. So sorry you'll have cooler weather again.....hahha, not sorry at all!!! Well, OK, then, a little.


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