Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Look Dress...

Et voila, another dress finished! I'm on a roll.  {smile} What do you think? It looks a bit like a Bavarian Dirndl doesn't it? I'm quite pleased I must say. Every time I sew a new garment I learn something new and things are looking (and fitting!) better and better!
My closet is definitely filling up though (I've even had to buy some extra hangers) but it so much fun to do. Now what shall I sew next I wonder...

I think I'd better clean up first. Just look at all the mess left behind after such intense sewing...  <wink>


  1. *Gush* - that is gorgeous. I so want a dress like that.

    Nina xxxx

  2. Jee Marjan, wat een prachtige jurk!! Complimenten hoor, die zou zo in een heel exclusieve boetiek kunnen hangen...! Je werkt zo fijntjes en netjes, echt heel erg mooi! Ik zou je er ook wel eens in willen zien ;)!

    1. Als het weer weer wat mooier is Stefanie! :-)

  3. I lust wondered about how big your closet was...
    Very nice dress in retro-style!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Marjan, I love that dress! What pattern did you use? I'm inspired to start sewing again!! Sue G.

    1. Thanks Sue, I was actually wearing it today on the field and told Frank about it. :-) The number is on the photo, #6587...

  5. Wow! This dress is so gorgeous! I love all the details - especially the rick rack edging (or however you spell that word :)
    So darling!


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