Monday, February 9, 2015


After days of endless rain, yesterday promised to be a dry one, we even had some sun peeking through! (only for an hour or so, but who is counting...) I immediately felt like doing some gardening. 
With my usual enthusiasm I jumped in so, well... so enthusiastically that I sprained my lower back, several times! After only half an hour or so of weeding, moss pulling and sticks 'picking upping' I had to acknowledge my defeat: bummer! Especially since it was so nice and mild outside. Our Plum tree is already showing signs of spring:

I was able to walk around the house (very carefully), but by nighttime I could barely turn around in my bed! This morning finds me a tiny bit better, which is a good thing since I will be a substitute for two lessons at Little Bit for my Dutch friend who will be in an airplane on her way to Holland today. I don't think I will be doing any hoof picking though!  <wink>

PS Look, I finished another sock:

I'm very pleased with this self-striping yarn. It is fingering-weight though so rather thin. I'm hoping I will be able to wear them in my clogs and my also in my fancy Swedish clog sandals this spring! {smile}


  1. oooh I love the self-striping socks. They look great! I've only just finished my very first sock, just trying to find the motivation to do the other one! Hope your back is on the mend...Mel x

  2. Ouch.....hope you're feeling better now. I love the way you knit, so nice and the colors are great!


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