Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Angle...

When I visited The Netherlands last September (man, that seems like ages ago!) one of my friends gave me three skeins of sock yarn that she in turn had received from another friend.
It is in fingering weight (one of the thinnest) which I have never knit with before. I have also never knitted with a self-striping yarn before and boy, it is fun! The anticipation of what color combo is coming next makes want to knit more and more. I'm still practicing the picking way of knitting and I thought another pair of socks with just plain knitting would do the trick. So far so good!  {smile}

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The last few days the weather has not been helping my mood (dark and cloudy and wet) so this morning I decided to make myself a little new sitting/ working nook, to see things from a different angle I suppose. Below you see it at the far end of our front living room (we have two living rooms!)...

I obviously didn't clean up before I took this picture.
Keeping it real...

And here you see it up close:

From left to right: my yarny sock  project, my tablet to watch vlogs  and instagram on etc,
my breakfast smoothie and my knitting notes. (and yes, my reading glasses)
Now I can overlook this part of the garden which catches full sunlight, when the sun is shining that is obviously. We'll see how it works out. And yes, that is a Christmas decoration still hanging there. I like the warm glow that comes from it...


  1. Die sokjes gaan mooi worden, met dat verloopgarentje !!
    Hier nog iemand voor wie het winteren nu wel stilletjes z'n einde mag vinden, ik snak naar groen in de tuin/blauw in de lucht !!

  2. Gorgeous view! I say keep the star up until the sun comes back!

  3. That is a nice view. Sometimes a small change of scenery makes so much difference. I love that sock yarn - I wish I could knit socks! x


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