Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Early Morning Textures...

Amazing you guys, we have been having the most wonderful weather over here, super spring like! And this week the school is off on a break so we're very happy at home relaxing. 

Yesterday Mr. G. and myself spent almost 6 hours outside and my face was the hot proof of it! <wink> We did lots of yard work (me very carefully with that wonky back), but I also spent lots of time reading in the sunshine, outside!  {smile}

This morning we woke up to temperatures just below freezing which was interesting and that is when I took these pics. In the mean time the sky is completely blue once again and we're off for another day outside. First we have to do a bit of grocery shopping though to stack up for our trip to the beach. Life is good!


  1. Hier was het de afgelopen dagen ook al een heel, heel klein beetje lente... En dat doet ongelooflijk deugd, nietwaar !
    A propos, mooie foto's !!


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