Monday, February 2, 2015

A Quick 'Hello'!

I just had a short but lovely visit by a flock of Evening Grosbeaks: what beautiful birds they are! Every time I see them, which is not very often unfortunately since they are of the migratory kind, I have to smile...

Smiling is a good thing since I am once again enveloped in the 'black cloud'.  This seems to be a part of me and looking back, it has always been a part of me. I'm trying to give it a spot so to speak, but to not let get overtaken by it anymore... In the mean time I'm eating extra veggies, extra juicing, extra light from my special lamp and just going slow, no panic!   <"It's Enough">

I also mentioned the presence of the cloud (which he had undoubtedly already seen coming) to my lovely husband and he immediately went online to find us (plus daughter plus dog) a little cabin near the beach for when we have winter break in a couple of weeks time. Just a couple of nights, but out, out of here and out of the cloud. (and into some foggy sea-clouds probably): can't wait!


  1. Die donkere wolk komt mij bekend voor :-(...
    Laat je niet doen, een wolk is weg te "blazen" !!! Lief van je echtgenoot dat hij direct een uitstapje heeft geregeld !

  2. Vogels zijn prachtig en uitstapjes altijd goed! Het komt gelukkig ook altijd weer goed, al is dat moeilijk te geloven wanneer je er in die wolk.

    1. Klopt, en na al die jaren heb ik dat gelukkig ook uitvogeld. (dat het weer vertrekt) Just taking my time...

  3. Lovely images.
    And I find that getting outdoors into the wilds can really help with your mental wellbeing. I hope you enjoy your break.
    S x


How wonderful to hear from you!

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