Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yes, it is time for some ramblings, since I don't have much sane stuff to mention...  <wink>

It is raining, quite a bit. Great for the garden, not good for my running. While my dad was here I only squeezed in one run (a good one though!), but now I really need to get back on a better schedule...

New table covering (vinyl) found at Joann's...
I've had lots of creative ideas, but feel that I need to clean up all those messy areas everywhere first. You know; those funky drawers and cabinets with lots of random stuff in them. 

And then there is my sewing area. In my mind I know where everything is (most of the time), but it all just looks so messy. I have these cheap cabinets form Target to store things in but they are black. Black, what was I thinking??? So I took out a small paint can that I had standing around, dusted the cabinets and rolled on the paint. No sanding, no priming no nothing. This is what happened:

Sea foam green...
Miss M. thought it was artsy looking, I am just hoping that once I put the storage containers back in you won't notice the effect so much. I'll keep you posted...

Last Sunday, after we dropped of my dad at the airport, we stopped by Ikea. I found such a fun fabric there for a very reasonable price, that I bought 3 yards of it. I've sewn it into a duvet cover (used old sheets for the backing and the side panels) and am now making some fun matching pillow cases to go with it. It certainly cheers me up every time I enter the bedroom!  {smile}

One big panel in the middle (the Ikea fabric),
two white panels on each side...
Already used pillow case...
My (secretly) favorite part: a pink pillow case!  <wink>
They had several good pattern sales at Joann's the last couple of weeks so I'm set for some summer sewing. First some more cleaning up and organizing though! What are you guys up to???

PS Monica, if you read this, could you please send me your email address (if you don't mind?) My reactions to your posts keep on disappearing!


  1. Toch weer leuk om te lezen allemaal!

  2. I've sent you my e-mail-address!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I just LOVE those little shelves, they are exactly what I've been looking for, I know I'll fine them eventually! Your home is lovely! :) x

  4. Glad Midsommar!
    I'm sure you know what that is!
    Aggie kramar

  5. I love all your re-do's....that cover is amazing and your bottles are stunning! Heidi


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