Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday BBQ...

Picture edited by my lovely sister!

Today Mr. G. (also know as Mr. B.) celebrated another birthday. He was a happy man with his new fly fishing rod and reel!

Pictures taken last night...

We woke up to a bright blue sky and bright sunshine: Perfic!  {smile}

He finally had a chance to change out two shock absorbers in my car (he had been dying to try that out, believe it or not), we did lots of chores around the yard (weed whacking, weeding, mowing the lawn etc) and then there was still lots of time for just enjoying the afternoon quietly.

Around 4:30 we drove all the way to Monroe for some Texas Barbecued Meats: Mr. G.'s favorite food and just fabulous, even for me!  <wink>

This is what it looked like and the views came for free!

On our way home we bought supplies for some wonderfully delicious (and messy) smores (= graham cracker, large piece of chocolate, melted marshmallow) for around the fire-pit in the back yard. Quite the day! {smile}


  1. Gefeliciteerd nog met jarige Mr.G.
    In Sigtuna moest ik even aan je denken, we waren er op de nationale feestdag 6 juni en hadden prachtig weer.

  2. Happy Birthday wishes all around!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day!!!
    Chris :o)


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