Monday, June 3, 2013

More Creative Creations...

Last week (and the week before) the weather wasn't the greatest, so a good time to do some more sewing.

After the grey chevron apron for Little Bit I made another one, a bit smaller this time. Since I took that picture I've added a parachute buckle to the neck band to facilitate the over-the- helmet- putting-on of the apron. (every rider has to wear a helmet at all times while in the barn and in the arena)

I also started sewing on a new dress that I would like to wear for this weekend's Graduation. All it needs are some fun embellishments which I will show you later this week...

And of course I've made some more zippered pouches. These make great gifts and this cute little pair will go to Miss M.'s homeroom teacher who will be retiring this year. I also made two more French themed ones for  Master C.'s homeroom teacher last weekend. 

Busy, busy, busy. I'm just checking things of my long to-do list day by day until we get to this Saturday: the day my dad arrives! Tatatadaa!  {smile}


  1. En dan komen er wat nieuwe stofjes mee!

  2. I understand, that you are longing to see your father!
    A very good-looking dress you made!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Je short is echt leuk! Je gaat met plezier koken.
    Bezoek uit Holland,..wat zal jij je daar op verheugen.
    Heel veel plezier de komende tijd.

  4. Wat een mooi stofje voor de graduationjurk. Je zoon zal trots op je zijn.

    En verder heb ik nog nooit het woord "pouche" gehoord. Bij ons zeggen we in het dialect een "poch-ke"dat komt van het Franse poche (voor kleine handtas). Waarschijnlijk zit jullie pouche in hetzelfde register.


How wonderful to hear from you!

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