Friday, September 16, 2011

Thrifty Finds...

Ha, I had some extra time today between volunteering at Little Bit and picking up Miss M. and a friend from school. I decided to go to Value Village, because after all, I hadn't been there yet this week!  [wink]

Look what I found!
They are Hanna Andersson clogs and they will go great with whatever it is I will be making out of that fabric!  And, drumroll please,  they look like they have never been worn before and they only cost me $8!!!   {smile}

When I showed them to Miss M. I received some mayor eye-rolling. Of course, what did I expect?

I also bought a lacy curtain!
Right now I've got it hanging in the front room, on the upper part of the window. This is where we don't spend a lot of time. I will probably get mayor eye-rolling on that one too and I must admit, I am not completely convinced yet either, but I will give it some time...

What a great start to the weekend!
I'm going to celebrate with a glass of wine and then I will be cooking dinner with a recipe from Photo-Copy. Chicken in Peanut/ Yoghurt Sauce with Rice. Sounds pretty good right?


  1. you seem to score the best shoes! do you have small feet? not being nosey, just wondering if they don't get sold because of the size...

  2. Oh my goodness, I am pink with envy! So happy for you though, what an amazing treasure! Good thing you decided to go. You will have to show photos of what you make and wearing those shoes!

  3. Hellooo
    WOW! Love your Hasbeens!
    Not normally a pink girl but Loving the colour too! All summer I have been saying I want to buy a pair of Hasbeens...summer has come and gone...Think I need to buy a pair ready for next summer.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your wonderful clogs

  4. value village? sounds fab!
    those clogs have your name all over them...and that curtain....beautiful!
    have a happy weekend - we have NOTHING on - love it!
    fee x

  5. when I say 'nothing on' I mean nowhere we need to be and no plans - not in the nudy!!!!
    f x

  6. What bargains you made! The fact, that your daughter doesn't think the same, is quite normal...
    Have a nice weekend, here it is cold and rainy today...
    Kram, Monica

  7. love the shoes I always get the eye roll....your dinner sounds divine!

  8. Je gordijntjes zijn echt schattig, het lijkt wel een Zweeds raam zo! Leuk!!

  9. such sweet clogs, I love the colour, unfortunately such a lovely colour would only draw attention to my BIG feet :) :)
    x x x x x x x

  10. i cannot believe your peachy clogging luck!
    for four years i have trawled those aisles and the one time i have to fly somewhere they go and put those pink sweeties on the shelf :)
    still at least they are going to a lovely home which makes me most happy :)
    and lace curtains Marjan!! it would appear a trip up the hill is needed to inspect these lovely addition to your home...

  11. pink is the best
    love clogs too
    what could be better
    than a melange of the two


  12. Underbara tofflor!!
    Sej = saithe säger google translate, det är en fisk :)

  13. Lovley shoes! And good luck with your Photoshop studies! :-)

  14. Value Village sounds a bit like Ron and Brian's. Those clogs are pretty spacial. I always find shoes like that half a size out. Dang!


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