Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Blues...

We have only been experiencing real Fall weather for the past two or three days or so and I feel it is time to start using my light-therapy lamp again! Bleeegh!

Don't get me wrong, I'm doing things but my heart doesn't seem to be in it...
Of course the fact that my wrap dress isn't quite looking as I had hoped (too big again!) isn't helping either. I would really like to wear it to Tif's book launch this Friday but not the way it is looking at the moment. I still have a few days left though to see if I can alter it enough that I feel comfortable in it. Don't worry, photos will come!

We did have some fun stuff happening last Sunday. A friend of ours had kindly offered us one of those IKEA Expedit bookcases a month or so ago, but I just couldn't find the necessary room for it so I declined.
Sunday though, when we made our youngest child choose between finally cleaning up her room or else, said child remembered the bookcase. After a quick phone call to make sure that the friend still was holding on to it, we raced off in our pick-up truck to well... pick it up!

Upon our arrival we were greeted not only by the bookcase (and the very excited friend), but also by a fabulous dresser and an even more beautiful leather couch! Yes, we took it all... Said friend now has a lot more room in her garage and we have a lot less...


  1. I feel you about the weather...although I am looking forward to some delicious apple pie!

  2. The ubiquitous expedit is great isn't it. We're on our second now. What a nice friend- the couch and dresser were so generous of her and all sit well at your place.

  3. Goede spullen!! Irritant he,zo 'n bleegh stemming, maar ik zie dat het weer best aardig is vandaag: HUP naar buiten!

  4. Hup onder de lamp, gewoon doen! (Al snap ik het helemaal hoor, herkenbaar!) Wat kun je blij zijn met 'krijgertjes', iedereen blij en zeker je dochter denk ik! Hou je taai en succes met die jurk. By the way, heb je nu niet een goede reden om gewoon ongebreideld te gaan shoppen? Lieve groet Lupineke


How wonderful to hear from you!

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