Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Fonts...

Over the weekend I discovered (with only a little bit of help of my lovely husband) how to install free fonts and then how to add them to the HTML of my blog!
I will probably be changing the fonts several times over the next few days so bear with me...

The Post Title and the Gadgets are now in 'Penmanship Print'.
The Tabs Text is in 'Velocette'.
The Page Text is in 'My Type of Font'.

I found them on DaFont. Go check it out, they have soooo many fonts! 

Happy Happy Joy Joy!


  1. now, I know of this dafont. And I know how to get it 'into' my laptop (I'm such a duffer!) but into the HTML on your blog? you're so far ahead of me on the technical front it makes my (little) head hurt!
    fee x

  2. So fab :)
    Thanks for the linky
    x x x x x x x x x

  3. Very pretty but I haven't even worked out how to use gadgets yet. Want to be my tutor? It's a bit of a drive.

  4. That's greek to me...
    Kram, Monica


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