A Visit With The In-Laws...

Yesterday we drove down south for about an hour or so to visit my husband's parents. The weather was once again fabulous so I took tons and tons of pictures. Here is the house Mr. G. grew up in...

Front of the house. It was built in the mid-60's...

Back yard towards Mount Rainier...

Mount Rainier as seen from the back deck.

View from the back deck over Commencement Bay. (Tacoma)

Master C.'s favorite spot! (and mine...)
We had a lovely lunch (pulled pork sandwiches!) and then did some digging around in the garden. (as one does when one is visiting...)     [wink]
Digging for potatoes...

Grandpa hiding in the shade and keeping a close look on it all...
It was hot!
And it will stay this hot for the rest of the week: Yahoo!

And there were sooooo many beautiful flowers!

I also walked around a bit with my camera inside and found these little gems... (my kids' favorites)

What a great visit! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!  {smile}


  1. Leuke spullen! Ik wist niet dat ze zo'n fantastisch uitzicht hadden!

  2. What a view from the back yard! A mountain AND the sea! Fabulous!
    But the lawn looks like it needed some rain...
    The flowers are magnificant too!
    Kram, Monica

  3. So, I have a couple of weeks off, come back and don't recognise your blog! It looks FABO....tabs and all.
    How are you? must have a wee read through the posts I've missed.
    That house is something else, and the view? cool.
    I wish I got on with the outlaws better....
    fee x


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