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Back from Headache Land...

There is something in the air and I mean germs. Almost everybody I know is feeling achy and tired. Of course the weather change, which was Huge, didn't help either. On Sunday we were in the upper 80's with tons of sun and on Monday we were in the upper 60's with clouds around our noses. I'm just saying, that was a bit quick...

I haven't done much creative stuff since I spoke/ wrote to you last but I still wanted to show you some collages that were taken over the weekend before it all becomes old news. Here it goes:

First up is our lovely son Master C.  He ran his first race of the season in Bellingham when it was 85F/ 30 C. Not great conditions to say the least...

The guy in the red (# 785), used to win all the Middle School events in our league!
He doesn't do this any more but he is still ridiculously fast.
Somehow he often ends up in my pictures...
Master C. ran almost 2 minutes faster than last year though so: Success!

Next up some pictures of our lovely Katsura tree in the back yard with its wonderful heart shaped leaves and some of the other plants still in bloom... (and yes, one of those bees/ wasps with those dangling legs: igat!)

I also found a feather in the grass with pretty droplets on it...

And I received a lovely package from my friend Sabeth, still for my birthday...

For those of you not from The Netherlands, this is a baby product brand that has now come out with an Eau de Toilette smell: I love it!!!  {smile}

And last but not least two pictures from way back when (two weeks ago) when we were visiting in Tacoma with G.'s parents. This is the old light keepers' cottage at Brown's Point...

And a cute seal is winking at you and saying: Bon Weekend!  [wink]


  1. The cottage in the last pictures looks so cute!
    I love the combination green and white in houses!
    Have a nice weekend you too!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Gezellige post hoor! Fijn weekend!

  3. Lovely ramblings , I adore that house it's amazing!

  4. that house...I love it :)
    happy weekend to you
    x x x x x x x


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