Finished Agenda And A New Project...

Haha you guys, I have never received so many comments on a blog post and about Pink Clogs at that!  {smile}

I was indeed very lucky in finding them since they were placed at the 8-8 1/2 sizes and I actually wear a 9 (= 40 in European sizing). I was disappointed to find any fun shoes in my size so I thought to better have a look around at the other sizes, you never know!
I also found a great pair of Aubergine / Eggplant colored Dr. Martins but I already have two pairs of those... 

Anyway, fun shoes for a fun price! My next project will be this to go with the clogs:

Out of that fun fabric I showed you last. I won't have time today but I'm thinking tomorrow...

But I'm going a bit fast here. First I wanted to show you my finished agenda project:

It didn't come out as neat and tidy as I would have liked it, but I love it anyway and it was so much fun to make. And I am using it already as we speak!

Last weekend we had rain for the first time in at least 6 weeks and it was really nice and cozy inside. Mr. G. was first baking bread and then Indian Dal from scratch: the house smelled soooooo good! I sat at the crafting table working away on my agenda, the kids were doing their homework and life was good!

Fall is my least favorite time of year. I really dislike all the Fall decorations everywhere not to mention the Halloween ones. Probably because I didn't grow up in the States, but I just don't like them. I love all the Christmas Americana however! All that is starting to show up on the shelves already which is way too early of course, but what to do... I am starting to think about making some nice x-mas cross-stitch project(s) for my sister though...

Well, in other news, yesterday I had some 'acoutrements' added to my teeth and I have started using my second Invisalign tray. In total I will have at least 14 trays and one tray stays in for 2 weeks. Very slowly my teeth will be pushed into an even more lovely smile!  [wink]
Really, I am so excited about this. I've had so many bad things happen in my mouth, I am now ready for something positive. And..... I'm already losing weight because of the no-eating/ snacking rule: yahoo!  {smile}

So, Fall is here and so is the morning fog. Look at these beautiful shots I took about an hour ago...

But, the summer weather is back once more. Today and the next 4 days or so they are expecting the temperatures to be in the mid 70's! (= 23C) Yay, one more burst of summer!


  1. HA! lees ik daar iets over x-mas decorations!!!!

  2. I love your fog. How beautiful Europe looks in Autumn when you live in sub tropics.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of the year...
    I think that autumn is so nice and calm, the temperatures are often just right, the colours in nature are spectacular you can pick mushrooms and berries, you can light candeles and fires etc, etc!
    But I don't like the winter, that comes afterwards...
    Have a nice day, hugs, Monica


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