Fab Find...

After I survived my first official orthodontist visit this morning (I've started using 'Invisalign', clear plastic trays to realign my teeth for the next 6 - 9 months or so) I felt that a visit/ treat to Value Village was in order...

Good thing because I found this most fabulous vintage table cloth!
It measures 4 x 4 feet so it is a good usable size. Don't quite know yet where I shall put it (on the table maybe?) but I'll figure it out. Love it!

Now I am going to try to get those Invisalign trays back in. (I almost could not get them out just now for lunch: panic!) You can't eat or drink sugary drinks with them in, so I think this is not only day 1 of my new teeth but also day 1 of my new 'diet'! No more snacking for me!


  1. Succes met die toestand! Maar het kleed is geweldig!

  2. think I might need those trays (no more snacking you say...I'd probably find a way!)
    Nice to see you over at mine earlier - and soreen is a stodgy fruity malt loaf product. Nice with a little (lashings of) butter. Even nicer toasted.
    Loving that tablecloth - what a find!
    fee x

  3. What a cool tablecloth! I like it!
    And I hope you get used to your Invisalign tray!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Great finds :o)

    Love the place where your husband grew up too!
    The most fantastic views.

    Oh my. You have Tifs book already!!

    have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Love the find...my middle starts this process this next year....pricey business!

  6. My friend had AMAZING teeth after using invisalign braces. Worth persevering with.



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