Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yay, I finished this little cowl/ shawlette in only a few days and it was so much fun to make! An easy pattern with enough interest to.... well, keep things interesting! {smile} 

My yarn choice was solely based on the comfy factor (Cascade Yarns Eco Duo in Zebra) and it probably wasn't the best for this particular lace pattern (which is now sort of hidden in the shawl), but I love it! The lace pattern will probably become more apparent once I've washed and blocked it, but for now I never want to take it off again...

Capturing my inner 'Dandy Highway (Wo)Man'!

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After that fabulous 'Perhaps, Perhaps' shawl from last week, I started a 'grandpa' cardigan called 'Dark & Stormy' which is designed by Thea Colman. It has a beautiful cable pattern on the back and will feature an impressive shawl collar in the end, but oh boy, this is already a very difficult project for me. Now that I've finished the little Zuzu's Petals shawl that has now given me a bit more confidence, I will tackle the rest of that cardigan again. This is what I've got so far...

The yarn is Madeline Tosh Pashmina Worsted in 'Worn Denim'...


  1. Fijne sjaal, die trui lijkt me wel erg moeilijk ja! Ik ben zelf eindelijk de sjaal aan het afhaken die ik twee jaar geleden begonnen ben....

  2. You could make another ZuZu in another color? :-))
    Good luck with 'dark & stormy', I'm sure you'll work everything out!

  3. Ik vind je sjaal super, maar volgens mij val ik als een blok voor je nieuwe trui :)

  4. Beautiful color for that sweater! I made that pattern a couple years ago and it turned out great (one of my more successful sweaters). I'm sure you'll do well!


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