Thursday, January 14, 2016

Light & Color...

Slowly but surely I'm starting to see more Light & Color. (despite the extremely sad tidings about David Bowie and Alan Rickman this week...)

The cold that hit me last week turned into a proper sinus infection: no fun. I'm on day 9 now and still working on getting all of that stuff out of my head. But, the energy levels are nearly back to normal and I've managed two excursions out of doors this week already!

I watched quite a bit of Netflix (Jane Eyre, North & South, Mansfield Park and Anna Karenina) and in between things I knit the Baa-ble hat from the Shetland Woolweek. Just out of stash yarn, no swatching or anything. I decided on knitting the hat two needle sizes smaller than suggested and it is still a little too big, but no matter, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it!  {smile}

So much light this morning...

Tomorrow my 'baby boy' will be turning 21, I just cannot believe it: so proud!

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  1. oh goodness yes, what a big day!!! Congrats to your first born, such an amazing young man! Now he will be 'real adult' as my 'kids' put it.

  2. Beautiful light! Happy Birthday for next week!

  3. Owww.... Same thing happened with my cold... A lot of headaches and even my gums hurt.
    But, on the bright side; energy level gets higher every day!
    Love the hat!


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