Saturday, March 14, 2015

Red & Yellow & Green...

Lots of crazy color stuff going on this week... 

First of I cut my hair and dyed it Red! (I am a trained hair-stylist, only it was 30 years ago) As you know,  I love playing with all the photo editing filters etc, but wanted to show you the real deal as well, so here you go. The left picture is totally unedited. I must have gotten some sun on my face this week, since my face is looking quite tanned for the time of year: yay!

Remember last week a friend generously gave me her left-over Mustard Yellow Peace Fleece remnant? Well I made the first fingerless glove (free 'Lambing Mitts' pattern by Veronica Jobe) yesterday. I added some yarn-overs (those holes) on the top of the glove, but you couldn't see them very well, so then I added a little bit of embroidery. Not my best, but fun nevertheless...

And before I started those gloves I finished knitting my Bottle Green Miette cardigan (free pattern by Andi Satterlund) I had some fun green buttons (see picture), but they are not quite speaking to me yet. A visit to Joann's will be in order next week...

With bust darts included!  <wink>

Well, that was it for now. I'm getting ready to bake some Dutch pancakes for Master C. and his girlfriend, who are on their way back to Spokane, WA all the way from Vancouver, B.C. for a little lunch break...


  1. Leuk, je haar! Ik heb een lok van die kleur rood in mijn pony. Nou ja, eigenlijk 'had', want het is er ver uit. Da's het nadeel van rood, al blijft het mooi, maar het loopt wel terug.
    Je vestje is super leuk, maar ik snap je gevoel bij de knoopjes. Dat kan (nog) beter.
    Spokane... Brings back memories! Daar hebben we overnacht op weg van Glacier NP naar Mt.Rainier NP :-)

  2. hello! your hair looks so pretty red! my daughter did that once and i loved it. beautiful knits too! the red of your hair and green wool is so pretty together!

  3. You look gorgeous and I love your green cardigan too! x

  4. Your hair color is so beautiful! It suits you and I guess the nature of you too. Is it chestnut or is chestnut darker? I am mousegrey and make streams in my hair, silver, but they always turn out orange!
    You are knitting faster than a knitting machine nowadays! And lovely things, too!


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