Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rays of Light...

This morning when I opened the sliding door to let the dog out, I looked up and spotted these rays of light peeking through the trees: a beautiful start to the day!

(picture from last week when I had just started)

It's been a bit quiet on the blog here lately and that is because my life is a bit quiet, by design I must add. I've been knitting away on my Miette Cardigan and I just reached the lace pattern at the hemline. I've been sitting in my new spot near the window where I can observe the backyard plant life and enjoy the sunshine...

Last week the lovely ladies of Tin Can Knits celebrated their five year anniversary with a super sale, so I bought two of their pattern books (in pdf-format): "Handmade in the UK' and 'Pacific Knits'. (click on the links to see all the patterns) I haven't decided on my next project yet because there is so much choice, but my eyes keep on going back to this one: 'Lush'

'Lush' pattern on the right. (picture from the net)

Isn't it just fabulous looking?  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

In other news: I'm also attempting to get back into 'running' again. The last couple of months I've barely made it out on the trails and it feels like I'm starting from scratch again. My legs and lungs are screaming out their resentment but I'm persevering. I've done this once before, so I can do it again!

I'll leave you with a lovely Spring like picture. I know that the rest of the country has been experiencing the worst winter yet, but we've had no winter whatsoever and have had Spring arrive early. We are not complaining!  <wink>

PS A new Spring header has been made, hope you like it?

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