Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh Happy Day(s)!

I know I'm repeating myself, but the weather over here has been just phenomenal! I think all that sunshine and extra vitamin D have gone straight to my head: I'm feeling all giddy!  {smile} 

Last night I decided to walk to my weekly stitch circle at Tolt Yarn & Wool because it was just so mild outside. Over there I met up with (among others of course) Beth, who also works there. She had knit the Lambing Mitts (free pattern in link) in a most gorgeous color and yarn (Peace Fleece I think it is called). I admired them at the table and this morning she offered me the remains of her skein so that now I too can make a pair of these lambing mitts: how kind is that?!

On my bike I hopped and off I went to the yarn store once again! There I also met another Instagrammer who I had never met before so that was fun. I caught up with Tif who I hadn't seen in forever and all in all it was a wonderful half hour well spent.

On my way home I stopped by the Snoqualmie suspension bridge (below) to enjoy the wide views of the Cascade Mountains, what a day!

PS: Master C. and his girlfriend are on their way home for a few days as I write this, so that is making me extra giddy as well... <wink>

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  1. Wat een zalig weertje lijk je wel te hebben daarginds *jaloerse zucht*...
    Hier zou het vanaf dit weekend ook stilaan beteren - eindelijk ! - dus ik hoop dat ik ook eindelijk eens de fiets kan opspringen om boodschapjes te doen. En dat ik niet meer ingeduffeld als een eskimo mijn dagelijks loopje moet doen...

  2. Giddy is good! And I understand all your giddyness! So much nice happening!


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