Sunday, April 6, 2014

Works In Progress...

As I mentioned in my latest post, the creative juices are flowing!

Above you see the front panel of the latest dress that I am sewing. I've made this one before (see left) but with a different neckline and all in one fabric. I've found myself wearing it all the time and have received nice words about it, so I decided to make another one. (I usually don't sew the same thing twice)

I want to add something to break up the front panel, a button, a brooch or something, but haven't quite made up my mind yet...

--  **  --  ** --

I'm also working on a knitted top-down raglan cardigan. This means that you start knitting at the collar and then work your way down to the waist. This way you can sort of try it on as you go along. I'm almost at the point where the sleeves will meet underneath the arm. I'm trying to mimic this kind of lace effect (see below) at the bottom part. We'll see how that goes, but I really like the simple lines formed this way...

via Tricksy Knitter
Well, we are enjoying Spring Break here which means that both the husband as well as the daughter are at home with me. The weather isn't fab but we will find things to do. The garden is a priority at the moment (I think the potatoes will get planted today!) so get ready for some mucking about!  <wink>


  1. You are fantastic really! Those dresses are so nice and also the knitting. Du går från klarthet till klarhet!
    A "murkla" is a mushroom. Coming early in spring and it is a little poisionous so you have to cook it some times before eating it. I don't, I give them away as I care for my kidneys. But it was or still is, considered a real delicacy. But since there are so many other mushrooms you can eat I prefer those other ones!

  2. Dag Marjan,

    Dat is alweer een hele poos geleden, he? (bijzonder druk gehad op het werk, nog eigenlijk)

    Bij jou is het altijd leuk. En wat ben je weer enorm goed bezig, je gaat echt als een speer.
    De bovenste jurk is extreem mooi, met dat blauwe kantje en dat mooie retro stofje.

    Het ziet er allemaal uit alsof het door een bijzonder slank iemand wordt gedragen. :)

    veel plezier tijdens jullie vakantie, geniet van de echtgenoot en de dochter (en van de patatten planten)




How wonderful to hear from you!

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