Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Unexpected Visits...

First there was the unexpected visit from The Sun: Hurray! Just look how beautiful everything is in the garden right now...

We had a few days of drizzle and low hanging clouds and the unexpected sun break did wonders. I even did some knitting outside!  {smile}

Click! to enlarge...

Then that evening Mr. G. and myself unexpectedly had dinner at Dog Mountain Farm which had opened its doors for the first time that very day! They had had such an overwhelming response, that they almost ran out of food, how awesome is that?
The restaurant and Fresh Market are situated in an old retro looking gas station. Go to their Facebook page (see link) to see some pictures of the outside. Everything is still in its early stages, but this is going to be a great place to hang out... These are the same people of the goat farm that we visited last week. It felt so good to just sit there and meet local people from our community. Plus the food was delicious and so fresh! 

  'Twas a good day!


  1. Sounds very nice! Happy Easter!

  2. Nice, jij krijgt mooie pioenrozen zo te zien!

  3. We were getting a bit sick of our sun and wanting a little rain and coolness but got the best of both worlds over Easter. Local produce is always a winner!

  4. Love your flower photos Marjan! My garden isn't doing much yet, except sprouting weeds at an alarming rate!


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