Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bryan Ferry...

picture from the net...

Last night we had tickets to see Bryan Ferry live at McCaw Hall in Seattle's opera house: he was spectacular!

Bryan Ferry arrived with an 8-man band and their sound was amazing. For his first song he sat behind a keyboard way in the back so I didn't spot him until Mr. G. pointed him out.  He switched off between playing behind the keyboard and standing center stage in his typical stance. Even though he has reached the age of 68 (!) his voice was still fabulous and his showmanship (his 'suave'ness) was certainly going strong. My favorite song was "Love Is The Drug". What a great evening of entertainment it was!  {smile}

Here you can read a good review of his concert in Vancouver B.C. from the night before...


So yesterday was only the warmest day of the year so far: 78F/ 25C!!! Since we are enjoying our Spring Break, we spent the whole day outside. I got up early and went for a run and finally it was a good one! It has been months since I've had a good-feeling run so that gives me hope for the future. I ran passed first a very large plot of Peonies (many many rows) and then just around the corner I discovered a whole field with almost blooming Tulips, right here in our little village! {smile}

While I was out running Mr. G. took his pick-up truck and had it filled to the brim with dark mulch. (1 1/2 cubic yards!) He shoveled everything into the wheelbarrow (many times over of course) and I spread it around by hand. Yes, my hamstrings are now very tight! <wink>  

I edged some grass borders, did more weeding and helped Miss M. with her little 'Radio Flyer' project. Mr. G. drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage and she added some weed barrier material for the lining. Together we bought some plants of her liking and off she went. The other half of the wagon has Radishes seeded in.

Now we can move the flowers in or out of the sun as needed!

After all that work, I spent several wonderful hours in the sun reading a book and getting my tan on! What a day!

Now of course all the sun has disappeared again and rain is on its way, but with all this sunshine in our pockets, I think we can face everything again for a while...


  1. Klinkt fijn en vooral Bryan.....!

  2. Het was echt een geweldig concert! De band speelde super tight en omdat het in zo'n mooie zaal was, was de sound spectaculair.

  3. Wow, om dat mee te mogen maken :)!


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