Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Signs Of Lighter Times...

The weather over here has been rather mild lately. Not quite Spring-like yet, but mild nevertheless. I'm even seeing some Daffodil heads peeking out of the ground!

Well Hello there!

Last weekend was quite stormy and I think around 70.000 households lost power. We only lost it for 10 minutes or so in the middle of the night which was a good thing, since the big Seahawks game (American Football) was on that afternoon!  <wink> 

Anyway, Mr. G. went outside after the storm and found this little fella outside on our driveway, blown in from who knows where. So creepy!!!

In the meantime I've started a knitted lace & cable cowl which is keeping me busy and I'm also still sewing a jacket through a Craftsy class. Photos will follow, but not quite yet. Still taking my time...

Off I go to Little Bit, out in the open air: Breathe!


  1. Scary! Misschien wel iets voor school?

    1. Daar hebben ze ze al in alle soorten en maten, maar we vinden wel een plekkie op het hek ergens voor hem. Zo kan die mooi die grote vogels weg jagen! ;-) (maar hopelijk niet die kleintjes want die vind ik zo leuk...)

  2. is it a real owl that has been stuffed? how strange?
    so glad the seasons are moving along....needing colour...
    bestest d x

    1. No it is not a real one Daisy, just made to look that way to scare of big predatory birds. Scares me for sure! ;-)


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