Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Latest Sewing & Knitting Treasures...

Welt pockets!!!
(click! to enlarge...)
Over the winter holidays I started several Craftsy classes. One was the 'Sew Better, Sew Faster' class led by Janet Pray from Islander Sewing Systems. We made this jacket! {smile}

I must say that it took me a looong time to finish it, but this was right in my 'dark cloud' period so it was good to take some extra time and not get too frustrated with things. (I was already frustrated enough with myself...)

You cannot tell in the pictures above, but every seam was top-stitched with a mossy green thread. Not with a twin-needle but with a normal needle so that meant twice the work. I must say I was very proud of myself of keeping my cool while doing this, because the top-stitching thread (which is much thicker than a normal thread) kept on disappearing into the bobbin housing below which made for terrible noises coming out of my machine. This of course happened several times, but I persevered!

I am also extra proud of the welt pockets (!!!) that came out beautifully, first time ever! (see uppermost picture in the middle) and the fun fabric breast pockets which I think are just fab! (can I use any more exclamation marks?)

I am so glad I persevered because it fits me so well and already yesterday, the first day I wore it, someone came up to me and complimented me on my jacket: that made my day!!!

Olive was also very excited by the jacket!  <wink>
Another Craftsy class I just finished was the 'Knit Lab in the Round' class with Stefanie Japel. I've already shown you the hat and the finger less gloves that I made a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I finished the Cabled Lace Cowl:

Cables & Lace, what a combination! And my first cables no less. I am a happy momma!  {smile}

Now off I go to Little Bit for my two lessons of the day. Our first rider will be new and she is an adult (I usally work with very young children) so that will be interesting. I am contemplating wearing some long underwear because it is a tad frosty out...


  1. Superleuk en wat een breitalent!

  2. Wow! I am beyond impressed with that jacket! I can't imagine the patience it took to complete all that top stitching! And welt pockets? Awesome!

  3. Wow, dat ziet er super indrukwekkend uit zeg! Geweldig!

  4. Olive ziet er echt een schatje uit. Ze maakt je foto helemaal af!
    Mooi jasje maar vooral hele mooie kabels! En nog wel in de kleur Olive.


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