Saturday, January 11, 2014

And Then There Were Two!

I cannot tell you how very pleased  I am about this knitting project! They came out even better than I had anticipated and are so snug and warm. When I had finished the first glove I had put it on my nightstand and when I woke up the next morning I had to smile, that is how much I love my new 'friends'... {smile} 

Well, the day has come (tomorrow to be more exact) that we have to say goodbye to Master C. once again. He was home for the past three weeks which was just wonderful. It is time however, for both him and for us, that he starts his second semester at uni. This is how it is meant to be. Very strange though that he will be celebrating his 19th birthday in a few days without us! We will see him again in 7 1/2 weeks... (not that I am counting down the weeks or anything)

Upwards and onwards!  I think it is safe to say that 'the cloud' that has been hanging over me for the past several weeks has finally started to dissipate. This past Thursday afternoon I suddenly felt a lot lighter and I'm still feeling that way now this Saturday evening. Still taking my time.... 


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    1. Even opnieuw hoor, herkansing, ha ha, 't is hier ook nog vroeg in de morgen! Je polswarmers zijn supergaaf geworden Marjan, lekker stoer en ik kan me voorstellen dat je ze steeds aan wil doen! En geniet van de laatste dag dat jullie zoon thuis is! Lieve groetjes!!

    2. Your fingerless gloves look wonderful! I can understand that you love them!
      Glad you are feeling better!
      Kram, Monica

  2. Prachtig projekt weer! En verder: knufs, sterkte, en dat het nou wat lichter blijft in je hoofd en hart!

  3. wow and wowser...I usually get bored after the first there anything you can't do....??


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