Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh Oh Christmas Tree...

Click! to enlarge...

Haha, this is what woke us up at 5am this morning!  We now have to figure out a new system of keeping this 12 foot/ 3 meter tree up, what a mess...

But, first things first, Master C. came home for the Thanksgiving weekend and we immediately put him to work:

After a week of very cold temperatures it suddenly became very mild so we decided to put up the outside x-mas lights before the actual Thanksgiving day! (unheard of ...)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon with the in-laws. We had a ham and mashed potatoes, two kinds of vegetables and two kinds of pie. (chocolate cream and a pumpkin pie of course) Fairly simple fare but very tasty and we had a good time chatting and laughing, just how it should be. {smile}

The next day we went out to cut down our tree. Yes, the one you see lying down  in our living room in the first picture. It is way too big as usual so I'm hoping that next year I can finally convince our lovely daughter that a smaller tree will do just as well... <wink>

We had a good time though trampling around all the x-mas trees in a field here in the valley. After we put it up we had 'poffertjes' together and added a few more ornaments and decorations throughout the house...

Great family times!  {smile}

Master C. and Miss M. in good form...


  1. Oh, jullie hadden het vast heerlijk, zo te zien :) Alleen jammer van die boom ;) Hopelijk maakten de poffertjes weer alles goed?

  2. Oh wat een vreselijk mooie nieuwe banner heb je.

    En de foto's van je kinderen zijn geweldig. wat worden ze groot.

    De kerstlichtjes zien er heel leuk uit, zo echt Amerikaans. Ben wel een tikkeltje jaloers dat jij ginder zo ondergedompeld zit in de Angelsaksische sferen!

    Prettige zondag,


  3. That tree would fill up our whole house...almost!
    But it looks amazing, just like the tree in the Disneyfilm about the two squirrels (Piff and Puff in Swedish) that they show at television every Christmas eve here!
    Kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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