Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Days Before Thanksgiving...

Fleece hat with t-shirting lining...
(a bit of a Pilgrim look, no?)  <wink>

I was really planning on taking a little break from sewing after all the craziness of the past few weeks, but who was I kidding?  <wink>

I found this free pattern online from See Kate Sew and just wanted to give it a go with materials I had. Those didn't quite turn out to be the right materials (it became a bit fiddly) but all in all the pattern was really straightforward and could be done in half an hour or so. I think I might just make another one!  {smile}

Yesterday, while I was keeping in contact with Master C. with texts while he was travelling home by Greyhound bus, I managed to knit my first ever wrist-warmers: Yay! I sort of made up the pattern with some ribbing around the wrist and the fingers and some purls and knits in the middle et voila!

And with some embellishments...

They are super comfy and warm and again, I managed to make them in one afternoon...

On a side note, Master C.'s bus managed to break down just before reaching the top of the mountains in the middle of nowhere and at night. I must admit that it was just a tiny bit nerve-wrecking, but thank goodness for modern technology, Master C. was able to keep us posted along the way and the bus driver was able to fix the dang bus and they made it across the mountains only one hour late. It felt so good to finally fall asleep with the whole family under one roof...

Today he is going to visit his old High School stomping grounds and he might get a haircut (from me!) as well. Tomorrow is the big Ham eating day with Grandpa and Grandma, here at our home. We decided on a ham for Thanksgiving since we'll be eating turkey apparently for Christmas. It is all good!  Gobble Gobble!

I love this enamel plate!


  1. I admire your knitting ability, I never learned that skill. The turkey plate is lovely, that's what turkeys should look like, not the white freaks in the factory farms! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Leuke polswarmers Marjan! En lachen die muts :)) Fijne Thanksgiving voor jullie daar!!

  3. Hope you hade a fantastic Thanksgiving!
    And you're so good at knitting. Too. So many skills.
    Aggie kram


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